Friday, August 20, 2010

Skeletons in the Closets

One of the incredibly awesome things about our house is that we have TONS of closet space.

You've already seen the closets in the bedrooms but in case you forgot, here are some references:

Master Bedroom - King of the Throne
Bedroom #2 - Be Our Guest: Part 1
Bedroom #3 - Be Our Guest: Part 2

You've also seen the "closet" aka my mini-office under the stairs: Micro-Management 

We also have a closet (aka pantry) in the kitchen:

A coat closet in one hallway of doors (Behind Door Number....):

Two closets in the other hallway of doors (How about another hallway? Some more doors?):

And on top of all of that we have a walk-in attic (that is for another day), what lucky ducks are we?

I don't have too many edits to the closets but I do have a few!

 Things we have left to do here:

 1. Get the pantry more organized - I just want it to become more accessible. Right now you have to remove so much to get to anything  and I'd love to have the pantry not be something I grimace everytime its opened. I'll be honest, it will never look like this but something in-between would be great!

 2. Add some shelving to the bottom of the coat closet - Although right now this holds our vacuum and the pup's food container I can find a new place for those if I could just get some good storage for hats, gloves, scarves and the like. All of their floating around drives me batty!

3. Put in wood shelving in the smaller of the upstairs closet - Typically I love the wire shelving but its killing me with how it shreds our towels so out with the old and in with the new. I may even add a few baskets for washcloths and the like.

4. Put in something in the larger upstairs closet - We've got piles of suitcases and blankets and we really do actually use all of them. Honest! This closet would be perfect for them if everything wasn't spilling all over everything else all the time.