Wednesday, August 4, 2010

So Fresh and So Clean, Clean

Our Laundry Room is just what we need. It fits the washer, dryer and some essential cleaning materials although there is probably a way for me to get it a little more organized. I leave the pup's bowls in there so she has plenty of space where she can splash around and make her mess. I actually caught her in the act, check out that guilty face.

Things we have left to do here:

1. Put in tile - Out of all of the rooms, this is the one that will most likely be tiled first, as it only makes sense to do this as we switch out the washer and dryer (more on that later). I'm planning on putting the same tile in throughout the house and with so little area to tile we can actually get some good stuff without paying way too much for it. So the slate is back for this one.

2. Get a new washer and dryer - Our washer and dryer are more leftovers from Tim's college days and although they were new when he got them I don't think being in storage for almost 4 years did them a lot of good unfortunately because they've been giving us a hard time. The washing machine likes to shred things as they get too close to the top and the dryer likes to give them slight little burn marks. Nothing we can't deal with in the short term but I have a feeling they are close to their last legs. Home Depot has some great deals on front loaders with the little storage bins for the bottom that we may have to check out although we do have a Sears Appliance Outlet Center where all of the appliances with the smallest dints & dings go with some huge discounts. They always have some amazing deals so we may have to check that out as well. I've been avoiding doing research on the best ones in the hopes that I can pretend we won't have to do this, doubtful but so far its working!

3. Get a new storage - I'd like some cabinets that I can hide our cleaning supplies and such, plus cabinets also have more shelves to store things. I orginally thought I just wanted cabinets hung a little higher with a small shelf underneath for regularly used items such as the pup's special food, detergent, softner, etc but then I saw this picture and I'm really rethinking those pedestals, maybe getting shorter ones...or building a custom height platform. Hmmm...