Wednesday, August 18, 2010

It's a Man Thing.

When we planned out the house we knew that we eventually would have kids and we'd want a playroom for them and that Tim would need a playroom of his own at some point as well. We went ahead and got the room ready for electricity and plumbing and it was even sheet-rocked so all we have to do is tape, mud, prime and paint and the walls will be finished. We need to add some flooring, I haven't decided if I want to do carpet or something else that might hold up a little better with a husband and future kiddos. Don't really know what the something would be though....and finally we will need to decorate it which shouldn't be too hard with all of the baseball, golf and other sports paraphernalia that Tim's got.

Here's a look at what it looks like right now. Please excuse the disaster of junk everywhere.

In this corner we plan to have a roll-down movie screen and an projector aiming onto it (long-term goals here people).

Over in this corner we are planning to put our current dining table, refresher here at Eat, Drink and Be Merry and convert it into a poker table. I originally thought we'd leave it as is but I'm thinking we could change out the tabletop for a customized poker top. Here come the paintbrushes, felt and staple gun, well after we get a replacement dining table of course.

I would love, repeat LOVE, to fill this back wall with bookshelves, you see I'm quite the little bookworm and love the look of rows and rows of books. Tim even did a little math and figured out that I read about 1.78 pages per minute. We laughed for quite a while after he told me that one around midnight one night. My parents are talking of redoing their den and getting rid of the beautiful solid wood bookshelves in there. I may just have to see if I could talk Tim into letting me take those over and putting them up in here.

Although right now its full of boxes, this corner is slated to hold Tim's pride & joy, a wet bar. We have some plans to get that built up once we get the bookshelves, see Self-Control of the Remote Control. I have to admit that it will be pretty neat and convenient to hold a mini-fridge and microwave for some drinks and popcorn and of course my Junior Mints without having to run back downstairs.

Ok so technically I've already done this throughout this entire post but just to keep it all going succinctly...

Things we have left to do here:

1. Paint the room - I'm thinking of a perhaps putting in a pewter/gunmetal color. It would help all of Tim's college baseball stuff really pop of the walls.

2. Blackout the windows - I want to put some long velvet drapes, maybe in a garnet color, to either side of the double window and to one side of the single window with some blackout fabric on the reverse to make this room as dark as possible in order to watch movies easily even in the middle of the day. I'd love to find one of those tracks that you can hide in the ceiling but if not we can just put some pretty molding in front so the track can't be seen. Regardless they have to pool up at the bottom like an old movie theatre's would.

3. Get some furniture - Ok technically we need to get furniture downstairs in order to get furniture up here as we are going to move the couches up here once we get our sweet new sectional (again see Self-Control of the Remote Control for a refresher)