Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Unwelcomed House Guests

I've got 99 problems...and I'll let you finish the rest of that song...

Our sweet, sweet AC repair man (who has given us a temporary respite from the heat until he can make a more permanent fix, yay 76 degrees!)  informed us of yet another issue going on in our house. Well technically outside of our house. Poor thing got stung by a wasp and told us there was a little nest we should spray.

Well off to the store we go to get some of this stuff:

Now usually I'm all for being green and staying away from chemicals but when it comes to little flying things that sting I don't mess around. Maybe once I've read some reviews about what really works but I have no intentions of spraying them with the risk of just making them angry. No sir that is not my idea of a good time.

Little did he know but there was not just one nest under our deck. I'm so glad that no one was stung before that because we have been stomping around like crazy on that thing lately. Ok, so technically since our discovery I have kind of thought it would be slightly fair for the construction workers next door to be stung when they are working at hammering away at 7AM on the weekends. Then I realize that is very cruel of me to wish such a thing on someone and I regret it (sort of).

Tim, sweet Tim, went out to spray the "one" nest and came back in reporting that he thinks he got it all but couldn't be sure because he didn't see anything. Considering how I've always seen tons of them when they've been sprayed before I went to check myself. Here is what he got:

No worries, no baby birds were hurt in this process, I checked. Although I'm pretty grossed out by all that is around the nest (aka their port-a-potty) I do feel slightly honored that they chose our deck to build their home under. In that same sense I will be removing this very soon so it does not help to rot our deck.

After I determined that was most likely where Tim chose to spray I looked a little more and found not 1, not 2 but 3 nests of these evil little creatures. I was also convinced that they were ready to attack each time I started spraying but Raid is some good stuff and makes them drop before they have time to come after me. Note: these are the after pictures. I did not wish to take the time of the wasps perched and ready for attack as I wanted first strike. And yes, I actually planned an attack strategy.

Once I sprayed I surveyed my aftermath and here is the result. Yes it is hard to see but the ground (at least under one nest) was covered by the wasps. (I didn't want to get too close for fear that they may rise up and get revenge - paranoid much?)

So that was my "brave" war against the wasps. The exterminators are coming next week and I will be asking for an extra strong application of their magical concoction.