Monday, August 23, 2010

1 Flush, 2 Flush, Red Flush, Blue Flush

Ok so this post will be a to be is the deal. I wanted to "go green" and install a dual-flush system on our master bathroom toilet. Supposedly it saves you some money and with how high our water bills have been recently I'll take what I can get!

I went to our trusty Home Depot and got the Hydro-Right Dual Flush Converter for the bargain price of $20 awhile ago and finally got up the guts and ambition to install it on Saturday morning. I got up and was eager to go to work. Took my "before" picture...

...removed the lid and got ready to got to work.

Ok, everything looks pretty normal until I'm reading the directions and realize that the flapper thingy that covers the hole is supposed to be a separate piece from the tube thing according to their directions so that their big piece can attach (right under the silver button)...and we don't have one. Dang.

A good bit of googling later (let me tell you how easy that is when you don't know the name of the parts...) and I discover that we have a "Mansfield Valve." Sounds like something from the 20s right? In order to install the dual-flush I need a Douglas Valve. So far from everything I've read it looks as though you have to remove the tank...ummm no thanks.

I'm going to confer with the dad and will get back to you on the validity of this experiment. So far the DIY gods are just laughing down upon me. Oh well, another day, another project...