Monday, August 2, 2010

UPDATE: Hallway...well because its easy

As I said in my last post I'm letting the stairs steal the decor from the hallway but no worries I have an even better idea. Errr, if I can actually pull it off that is. So here is my original description of our hallway: Hallway...well because its easy. To be perfectly honest I'm kind of working on taking the easy way out again.

CONFESSION: My house is not nearly as clean as it appears to be in all of these photos. In fact as of right now its a hot mess and I'm not really feeling the whole cleaning thing just this second. So day off of the picture taking and I'll be back at it again tomorrow. For clarification "back at it" means hiding the mess behind any crevice that will not show in the picture itself.

Somehow I was thinking about gates the other day (yes its incredibly random and I can't tell you how I got there). Irregardless, I started thinking about how neat iron gates are and how well that dark iron used to show up in the images I would process in the darkroom back in school. FYI: I minored in photography, my dad told me to do something off the wall that I enjoyed so I did. I was not the best (by far) but I loved it.

From there I started thinking about some neat gates I've seen and came to the realization that I believe there may be a gate at every important place for Tim & I.

There is a pretty gate where we both went to college but there are a few options in that same area to choose from.

Although Tim & I "officially" met after college, we did initially meet one another in high school. Long story short: he and friend tried to corrupt some friends & myself with Mike's Hard Lemonade, he decided to hang out with one of my friends (much to my disappointment), his friend attempted to stalk me (I kid - he is a VERY sweet guy who played a large role in our wedding) and down the road his friend completely called me out at our rehearsal dinner in front of a lot of our friends and both of our families. I digress again, the point being that we still kid each other about that initial meeting and hold it dear. There is a great little iron gate at the pool that would work well within this ensemble.

After college Tim coached at a smaller university that my grandfather once taught at, my parents attended and I grew up as a big fan. A friend talked me into going to meet him one night and the rest really is history. I wanted to get married in the chapel there but for some reason our wedding date was incredible popular around here and another bridezilla got to it before this one could. I can certainly see why, that campus is renowned for how absolutely breathtaking the beauty of it is. It also has an assortment of gates, big ones, little ones, pretty ones but the one I want is of the entrance to that baseball field. That one is undoubtedly one of the ugliest but it holds so much significance as that is where I met the hubs.

I'm convinced that there HAS to be a gate somewhere around where we got engaged. I think I may have found one by googling (best. invention. ever.) but still need to go check it out. I mean I guess it counts if its in the same vicinity right?

A few years ago my church created a remembrance garden which is really peaceful and beautiful. We did the majority of our wedding pictures out in that area and it has a most excellent gate. I actually really wish that Tim & I had met up with each other before the ceremony in that garden as well. Looking back I would have loved some pics of us checking each other out over this gate...oh well...the gate will look pretty on my wall. You can get a glimpse of it from this wedding photo. Also, take a moment to check out those fabulous blue shoes (may they rest in peace - my poor toes will never be the same again).

So now that you've gotten a peek at some of these gates just imagine them photographed & lined up in 16x20 frames across that wall. I was so excited about the idea that I almost went out to start taking the pictures that day, but it was night and raining. I've already checked out some great frames they've got over at HomeGoods and am just waiting on that next paycheck to go pick those bad boys up!