Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hallway...well because its easy

As you can tell from my not so creative post title I'm taking the easy way out tonight...our entry hallway. I just figured out that for some reason the posts for the last 2 days didn't go up in their entirety so I've spent the night recreating those but my goal for these first few weeks of blogging was to stick with it every night M-F until I've reviewed all the rooms of our home and we get started on the good stuff...the projects. That leaves me at 11:30 at night, after a long workday and 30 minutes to get a blog posted and myself into bed, this will be a short one. we go, not much to it, its a hallway. Long, narrow, moves you in a coordinated fashion from one point to another and that's about it for the description. I mean what else can you say about the thing?

Below is a reference picture:

Basically we have an upgraded shotgun house, you can open the front & back doors and get a clear shot straight on through. Other than that it has the same issues as the entry, its all neutral.

Things we have left to do here:

1. The one, the only -  I want to create a "family wall" somewhere in the house. I haven't decided if this is the place I want to do it or if I want to have it going up the stairs. This situation seems a lot easier to get under control rather than having to work on the placement along with getting everything working its way up stairs. Regardless I came to this conclusion after seeing this entry on the blog House*Tweaking (bear with me this is my first blog linking). I loved Dana's family wall project and plan to do one of my own...somewhere...someday...

Well thats it for today, like I said it's short and I'm off to bed with 17 minutes left until midnight...doesn't get much better (actually a 10PM bedtime would've been nice!).