Thursday, July 29, 2010

King of the Throne

Two days, two posts, two bathrooms. This time I'm showing you the big boy though, the master bath. The configuration of this space along with our closets was the #1 reason for the extensive changes we made to the original plans of our house. We had three main requests: 1. That there are 2 closets; 2. That the entrances to those closets opened into the bathroom; 3. That the toilet has its own room.

Although Tim & I typically have to be at work at the same time we never seem to get up in sync with one another so its nice that we can walk in, close the door and it stays nice and quiet in the room for whomever is still sleeping.

We have a few things done in here, I actually just got the bath mat from Pottery Barn last weekend. We were having issues with having to move our previous mat back and forth to catch the water from us & catch the water from the dripping shower door. Now we've got one that covers both issues in one little package.

The print over the toilet was Tim's wedding gift from me. Its a picture of the campus where Tim was coaching and we met, yes so sweet. The only problem is none of the colors in the picture are actually anything I want in the house BUT I wanted it to be somewhere that we could see it every day. The spot right over the toilet fit the bill perfectly.

Tim's a little bitter in that I got lucky with the size of my closet, it was slightly larger to begin with but there was some confusion when the foundation was poured and it ended up granting me an even larger closet. Unfortunately its still too small. Before I had a house to fill and pay for I used to have a thing for shopping, hence my overly full closet. I do have my mom's wedding dress in there though.

I have plans to paint that dresser & replace the knobs but it took a lot of time to get those drawers in with their special little latches so I'm avoiding that situation right now. All of my necklaces are hung up by thumbtacks so I should probably come up with a slightly more attractive solution. I do have a pretty blue little chandelier in there though. Thank you Pottery Barn Teen.

Tim's closet is a little work in progress, but bless him, he has taken on my sense of organization and kept it up. The kid keeps each type of clothing together and even sorts by color every once in awhile. Sometimes he really makes me so proud to be his wife.

Things we have left to do here:

1. Get some tile - Did we fool you? Thinking their might already be tile in there? It's linoleum but I want slate. The area of the bathroom is pretty small and we've got a great discount tile outlet around here with some amazing deals so I don't think we'd have to invest too much. 

2. Get a rug by the sinks - I'm not a huge fan of oranges but I think these are faded and sparse enough that I could live with them. I also really like the unusual shape. Slate floors can be kind of cold so it would be nice to have something a little cozier to stand on while getting ready and I think this rug from Anthropologie would make all the difference.

3. Put art above the towel rod by the sink - I'm at a loss as to what we should put here. I do have a few of my great grandmothers old handkerchiefs that I'd love to be able to group together and frame but I'm afraid that all of the moisture in bathroom may damage them.

4. Get some sort of towel storage furniture - Right now we don't really have a great place to store extra towels and I'm not really sure if we should find something to hang on a wall or get a piece of furniture  and figure out where to place that. I'm leaning more towards the shelf and putting it above the tub but still need to measure it all out. 

5. Get closet organizers - I love anything that is organized, but an organized closet with a place for everything and everything in its place? That is heaven to me. The summer before my freshman year at college I had some of my friends over to get together before we were all separated that fall. I had some boxes labeled and sorted ready to go to school and my lovely friends decided to switch labels as well as the contents of those boxes for me. They all enjoyed my frazzle as I tried to figure out how to get everything back the way it was.