Monday, July 19, 2010

Not too much of a welcome . . . yet

So right now when you walk in our house its in tan walls, brown floors and thats about it. I mean even the carpet is a slight beige color. Along with having issues keeping plants alive, I also have issues making decisions so anything that is slightly difficult to change (paint colors, carpet, wood stain, etc) is immediately regulated to my neutral color palette. I'm always afraid I'm going to regret my decision and be too lazy to change it after putting in the work. That statement will make a lot more sense after you see the mirror/porthole I bought without measuring to see if it would fit first...oops!

 Below is a reference picture:

Can you make out any shapes or do all of the tans just blend together? Anyways, as you can see there is a LONG way to go with this "room".

Things we have left to do here:

1. Buy a rug! - My grandfather helped us out by paying for our wood floors as a wedding gift and we are SO glad he was kind enough to sponsor those for us, they turned out really well! With as much as we like them we would like to keep them protected since this is the main entrance to our house, plus why give up an excuse to go to Pottery Barn? Problem for me may be that every rug I like right now happens to be on clearance (usually a great thing for me) and each time I'm actually ready to buy one they sell out of the size I need, go figure. Anyways here is the rug I love for this space that will most likely be sold out when I finally head back over to pick it up.

2. Update the light fixture -  Don't get me wrong, I adore our current fixture but it doesn't make as much of a "statement" as I'm looking for. My big plan is to move the current fixture into the back hallway and replace it with this beauty from Restoration Hardware, stay tuned for the electrocution of the newlywed. Just kidding my dad will be supervising me, or I may supervise him as I "learn" what I'm doing, aka talk him into doing it for me. Right now the only problem being that I finally saw this in person last weekend and it may actually make too much of a statement...I should probably get out that measuring tape!

3. Find a console table - The one below from Pier 1 is similar to what I like but not all there just yet, we'll see what I come across. I've started searching antique stores but still can't really see what a piece of furniture could be from what it already is and can't commit to any one piece (see indecision above). 

4. Get some art for that tan wall... and yes it still is kind of neutral but in my defense it does have some brighter colors in it. I found this on Pier 1 online and haven't seen it in person but am thinking I would want to replace the frame with something nice, big, chunky and brown (sounds like a description of some shoes I want right now as well...).

5. Get some knick-knacks onto the table - Typically I am not a fan of knick-knacks (aka dust collectors) but I have recently discovered that I don't think something really looks "done" until it has a knick-knack involved. Maybe a bowl that had a previous life mixing dough, some scholarly hard-cover books I can try to convince people I actually read but in fact have never picked up in my life, picture frames that I'll never get around to actually putting a picture into or even some type of little statue, but no candles for this girl. I've learned that candles + me = danger, whether it be hot wax spilled everywhere or the fact that I left a candle burning all night...again...its just never a good ending. 

Now that I actually put this all down it doesn't seem like there all too much to do...well except starting to make some decisions. This could take awhile...