Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I have to have a workstation, somewhere to put the printer, store the files and get my head around all of our bills. To be perfectly honest I'm too lazy to be running up and down the stairs for that sort of thing so when we saw the opportunity for a little closet under the stairs we went for it and asked for a light and an outlet. The only thing I wish we had added was a cable outlet for our "network".

I got the pictures from Garden Ridge back in the day, the organization baskets from Crate and Barrel and the furniture is leftover from Tim's childhood days. My long-term plan is to build a desk for the space but in the short-term I'm planning on spray painting the desk, chair and drawers and finding some fun knobs.

Things we have left to do here:

1. Paint the walls? - Don't get me wrong, I love how the slightly off-white color actually makes the space feel less crowded but I've seen some really cool treatments where people have done some tone-on-tone horizontal stripes. I have some amazing topcoat paint from Sherwin-Williams that would make some excellent shimmery stripes but I haven't committed to that idea 100% just yet. John & Sherry from Young House Love (what inspired me to get all of my ideas down on this blog, and what made me believe that Tim & I actually have a chance to become DIYers) did it to their guest bathroom and it looks amazing so I may just suck it up and make this happen.

2. Get a rug - anyone surprised? No? Didn't really think you would be...I want something fun and bright and cheery and a little different from the rest of the house. I found one at Company C that fits the bill, I know, for once it is NOT Pottery Barn, what a shock. They actually had a lot that I'm a huge fan of but this ended up being my favorite.

3. Build in a desk - I want something custom, L-shaped, with drawers and high enough that my knees don't touch my ears when I sit in it. I want pretty little knobs from Anthropologie and some impressive detail work but most of all I just want it done. The office works as it is, for now but to be honest I can't last too long in that little chair before I start to feel all of my 20-something years creeping up on me.

4. Upgrade my chair - Yep I'm back to my old friend, Pottery Barn. I love the caned back and the rosette details on this, plus white and tan really fits into the color scheme of the house oh so well. But the best part, I can sit up properly, it doesn't get much better.

5. Get some wall art - I saw these when they were on sale at Target a few months ago and wanted to get them then but couldn't think of where I could put them. The other day it hit me that they would look great coming as a little cluster down from the point of the ceiling over the pictures. I love how you notice them through the shadows they make upon the wall rather than as the objects themselves. They'd also be a great little stocking stuffer this Christmas in case anyone such as a sweet little husband I know were to read this.