Friday, July 30, 2010

Movin' on Up

So I've changed my mind. It happens a lot. I've decided that the Family Wall I talked about previously in Hallway...well because its easy is going to go up the stairs. (I'll do an update on that for my new & improved plan soon.)

I might make this feature on one wall, maybe on both. I'm still undecided on that point but this will be a long term project as we need a family first. I don't really want an homage to Tim & Jenny heading up the wall and I'm thinking that there aren't a lot of people who would. Maybe my mom, but probably not, ha!

Anywho, back to the real world. Above is a picture of our stairs. There isn't too much you can say about them but there are 2 things beyond the Family Wall(s) that I want to update on these.

Things we have left to do here:

1. Replace the carpet with wooden stairs - When we built the house we couldn't afford to pay for the nice risers as well and to be honest I wondered if it was really worth all of the money. After my repeated struggles in trying to vacuum those bad boys I have decided that they really are worth it and oh so much more. Its become Tim's chore for 2 reasons, for some reason he likes to vacuum and he is much more coordinated and doesn't get the cord all wrapped around him and almost fall down the stairs multiple times. I mean not that anything like that has happened to me or anything. 

2. Replace the sconces -  Don't get me wrong, I think these are great and I'm completely happy with them. I just have one problem, I saw some sconces that I have a huge crush on. Its not that I love the others any less, I'm just completely and utterly infatuated with the new guys. I haven't done a search to try to find out who carries these but I'm hoping that someone has them in an oil-rubbed bronze with some fabulous natural linen shades. 

3. Create a family wall - As I said at the beginning of the post, the stairs are robbing this idea from the hallway, sorry guy. But this time with a spin. I want to find some pretty old keys, get some pictures of some of our ancestors and have a plate framed that Tim's grandmother gave to us just before we were married. I believe it was her grandmother's and came with her from Sweden (although I could be completely mistaken and just have made all of that up - I do know that it has something to do with Sweden, is from one of Tim's grandmother's ancestors and it means a lot to us). I also want to get some of my Gigi's (my great-grandma) handkerchiefs framed and hang them up there. I guess I could put up a picture or two of Tim & I and of course I have to a a silhouette of our sweet furry little friend. Hmm, looks like I may actually have more for this project than I thought I did originally...