Monday, July 26, 2010

Behind door number...

This is our back entry aka the hallway of doors. We keep a lot of them closed in order to corral our curious little pup and sometimes forget to open them up when guests come over. On one hand I feel bad but on the other it is kind of funny to watch people turn every which way trying to process which they should open.

Things we have left to do here:

1. Once again...get a rug - A common theme and once again I found one I love at Pottery Barn and once again it sold out before I could buy it. This time I forgot to get the name of it before it was gone though so I think this one really may be a goner...

2. Move the light fixture from the Front Entry to the back - This entryway just has a standard light fixture and since I'm replacing the one in the front, you can check it out in Not Too Much of  a Welcome...Yet, with something for a little more pizazz, per say. But I do love that light fixture and want something a little larger in the back entry so it ends up being a perfect fit.

3. Get some built-ins made -  My dad is claiming he will do this for us, currently he is rebuilding the kitchen cabinets for their house so its really going to end up being a race between if we save up enough money before he actually gets the kitchen redone. Looking at his track record and the current progress I'm thinking we will be hiring someone to do it for us. I want a place to keep keys, cell phones, my purse and all of the other stuff that gets dropped randomly around the house when we come in. I also want more storage and a place to display some of the wedding gifts we got. Below is an example of what I like but perhaps with a little more decorative glass. 

As crazy as it sounds I want some chicken wire glass, I love new things that look old and think that goes right along that route, plus it looks really neat. Below is a piece of furniture with that glass my heart is so fond of!

I also found these knobs at Anthropolgie that I'm pretty sure don't really match but I may keep my eye out for something similar...or with my rug being sold out maybe I'll just base everything on them. Too many decisions for this girl to make!