Thursday, August 12, 2010

Be Our Guest: Part 2

Bedroom #3, its the poor forgotten little thing that was completely empty save for Tim's PlayStation 2 console and games for awhile. We showed it a little love with a bed and leftover pillows, blankets and etc but it still can use a lot more, bless it.

I have absolutely no idea where the pillows are from, I want to say Target but then again I think Bed, Bath and Beyond. Regardless I got them back in college and the blanket, mattress, lamp and TV table are from Tim's college apartment yet again.

The closet has some medical supplies from after Tim's surgery, leftover wedding decorations, Tim's mom's wedding dress and my wedding dress (the lady at the dry cleaners told me it looks like a corpse all laid out in the box...gee thanks). It also has the comforters for both guest beds that I need to get some duvet covers for but can seem to make a decision on yet. Shocker.

Things we have left to do here:

1. Get a bedframe - I'm not crazy about/not locked into the way the bed is set up right now which leaves me completely open to getting a new bed. I've always wanted a metal bedframe but am afraid I'll get my arm stuck in the middle of the night. I'm not a peaceful sleeper, ask poor Tim how he gets so many bruises. Putting one in a guest room lets me still get it but saves my extremities from trauma. The majority of my friends are much more coordinated than I. Ballard again has a great one that would work perfectly.

2. Get a nightstand -  everyone always has something they need next to them at night, whether it be a cell phone or an alarm clock. We need a nightstand in this guest room so that our guests have a place for their things at night. Ballard Designs (shining yet again tonight) has a neat one thats pretty inexpensive.

3. Get a TV stand - Once again the Durham end table would have to be my choice because I can do so much with it in the man cave later (i.e. place the two of them together to make a coffee table, yes please).

4. Get curtains - The view from the window in this room is all shingles which wouldn't be an issue except they have these little windows that allow anyone to peer into this room. Curtains it is. 

Just a heads up, I have to say that I'm SUPER excited about my post for tomorrow so stay tuned :).