Monday, August 9, 2010

How about another hallway? Some more doors?

That's what we've got for you today...I'm kind of going easy because I recently decided I want start trying to crochet again...we will see how long this new hobby lasts. I'm notorious for starting things, getting into them 150% and them completely dropping them right before I finish. I'd like to thank my dad for this lovely habit of mine. There was a portion of a beautifully carved stool in our garage for a very long time. Apparently he started it when I was born due to my mom having these visions of me standing on it to brush my teeth...I think he finally threw out the 1 piece he made about a year ago. He's promised to help build my built-ins as soon as he finishes redoing all of my mom's kitchen cabinets. I'm thinking I might as well start saving up to hire someone to take care of it for me as I'd like to have those done before I retire.

So here is the hallway at the top of the stairs also know as the 2nd hallway of doors.

I know, its stunning...I mean how couldn't you like all of that neutral and all of those doors. Don't be jealous of our $5 Target night light...ok so to be honest its kind of bland. There really isn't much that needs to be done, or to do but here we go!

Things we have left to do here:

1. Put up some art -  Ok, really this is all we need to do. I've seen a great DIY project in which you take an older map, some push pins and a frame and make a travel map out of it where you can mark the places you've been. Tim & I both love to travel so I think this could be a really neat project for us to have. With this hallway being a little more narrow I may actually use a shadow box so pins don't get knocked out.

...and thats about it...I'm going to get back to my cross-stitching now.