Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Knick Knack Paddy Whack

So as I get the last 2 rooms of my house in some semblance of order I thought I'd show off some knick-knacks that have caught my eye lately, granted I am not the biggest fan of knick-knacks but I do really like these and have come to the realization that I don't have to have a place for everything right away and that I do have the option of keeping thing to switch up the look every now and then. This is also called making excuses in order to buy things I don't really need aka FOMO (the Fear Of Missing Out).

Birds - yes, for some reason I have a fascination with birds, as long as they are too scary or real looking then I'm a fan. I don't know where I picked this up or why I like them so much but I did and I do.

2. Faux Flowers - Faux is a nice way of saying fake which is a nice way of saying that I can't keep pretty flowers alive so I resort to genus fauxous for my flora and fauna. I don't do the fake plastic/polyester combos though. Ok I'm lying I don't know what the fake flowers I buy are made out of but I know that I don't get any that are too gaudy or obviously fake looking, well at least not to my untrained eye.

3. Metal & Glass - I love the window panes that are so old the glass looks as though its dripping, same with vases. I like them to look well loved but still in mint condition whether it be by glass or the antique pewter collection from Pottery Barn (oh how I heart you).

4. Chargers - I'll be honest, I don't exactly have a true need for this but I like it and I'm sure I'll use it one of these days. It just matches both kinds of china I got and pulls them together, plus its such a pretty blue.

5. Serving and Storing - These aren't the only serving/storing pieces I want but they are the coolest out of the bunch. I mean who couldn't use an old dough bowl or a long hollowed plank of wood? And a glass dome, isn't that just standard these days or shouldn't it be? In my book they all should, pretty little things.

6. The Randoms - Don't ask me what I'll do with them or why I like them but I do and think they should be in my repertoire of decor, you know just in case I ever need a random set of antique keys or some pretty storage or pottery pieces. You can never be too careful with those sorts of things.