Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Be Our Guest: Part 1

First I just wanted to show that I actually am making progress on one thing...I still have no idea whats happening with this though.

Ok so back to the real reason we're here, Bedroom #2. This is my favorite because it actually has my old bed in it. That thing was so incredibly comfortable...until I tried to share it with a 6 ft. 200 lb man. Then it felt like a cot but up until that point it was amazing. 

I got the pillows and coverlet from Target a few years ago as well as the nightstand currently posing as a stool. The lamp came from Tim's college  apartment, yes the kid had a fully furnished/decorated apartment in college. The trunk was a gift from Santa back when I was a kid and the frames are leftover from our wedding and have photos of our loved ones that have passed away.

Otherwise the room is incredibly empty with just a TV and outdoor table from Tim's patio.

The closet has our nicer stuff that will be displayed as soon as we get our hutch in the dining room and that dresser has the majority of my college sorority t-shirts that I will someday (hopefully) turn into a quilt.

Things we have left to do here:

1. Get a headboard - How sweet is the little bird perched on this headboard? I love it! Thank you Ballard Designs...

2. Get a nightstand - I found this at Ballard Designs too, technically its a side table but I think the height would work with the tallish bed plus I like the pull out shelf for people's stuff to sit on while they are sleeping.

3. Get a TV stand - I don't know that we necessarily need a dresser in that room, just something to put the TV on that would also work in another caliber later for the "man cave". I think the Durham end table from Ballard Designs (yes they are hitting it out of the park tonight) does the trick and because we need 2 of them (for the other guest room) they will fit into my plans for later perfectly.

4. Restain/recover the trunk - This is a super nice piece of furniture that I'm actually not even going to take the risk on redoing myself so I'm going to have to hire someone one of these days to get it stripped and restained to a nice dark color...maybe if I wait long enough I'll just like the light stain again. I also want to recover the fabric on top with something a little more updated and less scratchy to sit on.

5. Get curtains - With how close we've seen that they are building the house next to us we need some curtains over every window of the house...desperately.