Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Like a Fish Out of Water

So our county has great water, actually some of the best in the country but Tim's chemo meds put a metallic taste in his mouth when he drinks out of our faucet. That in combination with the fact that I REALLY wanted to actually complete a home improvement project inspired me to install a water filter on our kitchen sink.

Here is what we started out with:

 Hot & Cold water lines, dishwasher water lines, disposal drain, sink drain, dishwasher drain. Here is the system I got, we don't really need the professional version but that was all they had so I went with it.

First things first, I turned off the cold water. I wasn't doing any work with hot water so I just left that as is.

Next I unhooked the water supply tube from the top and bottom. Ok well technically Tim was out of town so I had to get my dad to come manhandle it for me as I was afraid I was about to twist the copper supply line. I was smart enough to think about putting a bowl underneath to catch any leftover water. Although it went everywhere and not just into the bowl. Thought that counts people, thats all that matters.

Next I put the bracket up against the back of the cabinet to figure out the best spot for it where it would still be easy to change out the filters every six months. I marked where I wanted the screws to be once the bracket was in place and moved to the next step.

Next time I screwed the screws into the wall and popped the adapter for the new water supply into the intake on the sink. 

Next I put the bracket on and this time I was smart enough to screw it in (well actually the directions told me to).

Next I cut the hose to length and followed the little diagrams to pop it into the correct hole on the bracket and up to the sink.

I attached the remaining bit of tubing to the other hole in the bracket and to the water intake.

I popped in the filter and turned the water valve back on.

It worked! Well except for the fact that water squirted from about 3 places under the sink as well. With my dad's help I figured our where the problem was and pushed the connection in a little further and success on my first do-it-yourself project! That I didn't exactly do by myself but its a start!