Friday, September 10, 2010

Who Do They Think They Are?

I'm SO frustrated with the construction workers next door. I mean its bad enough having them hammer away from 6AM until 8PM 7 days a week but then they dump their garbage on our lawn.

Every day I come home from work and have to pick up nails, fasteners and pieces of trash from our yard. Here are just a few examples that I've managed to capture on "film".

The worst part is that there is a silt fence, I mean its pretty darn obvious which side is ours and which is theirs. Its not like they just dropped something and couldn't figure out where it went. There are HUGE pieces of wood and one idiot even left his Burger King cup.

The workers can't even seem to figure out where the edge of the lot is, going so far as to excavate part of our lot and remove a few trees in the process. The lone wooden stake below shows the edge of the property so the majority of the red mud you see is our lot. Thanks for that...

The lovely workers even decided to help themselves to our water supply as they filled up their LARGE buckets to build the foundation. Once again they had to deliberately cross over the silt fence to use our water. I confronted one of the workers about it who played dumb and said no they didn't until I specifically said "Well if that's the case why is the ground still wet?" All of the sudden his memory seemed to return that he had used it just a little and pointed to a container that could fill up my bathtub 5 times over. I can't even use the words I'd like to describe how I felt at that particular moment in time.

Now they've done some digging and have scattered gravel all in our grass. Not a huge deal, really. Well except for the fact that its killing our mower blades and is over the one spot of grass that was actually growing pretty well. Not anymore! My frustration level with them right now is hitting sky high. Where has all of the common courtesy gone in the world today?

Ugh, I can't wait for them to be done so we can have our nice, peaceful new neighbors instead of these workers!