Monday, September 13, 2010

Fall Is In the Air

My mailbox is full of updated catalogs, the night is bringing with it a crisp in the air and I've seen the first signs that the changing of the leaves is imminent. Guess that means that fall is on its way. My feelings about the fall season are slightly muddled. I LOVE the summer, growing up it always meant my birthday party, beach trips, shorts and t-shirts and best of all no school! As I've gotten older I still love summer but typically now its due to the fact that works usually slows to a manageable pace rather than going at light-speed. I'm still pushing for the European style 2 month long vacation but for some reason I seem to be alone in that sentiment. Oh well!

Back to fall, its nice but it always leaves me feeling pretty nasty due to my terrible hayfever allergies. I have the choice of sneezing, coughing and having a stuffed up nose or being a zombie due to allergy meds. After twenty-some-odd years I still haven't decided which I prefer. It also means that winter is ahead (which I am not a fan of). We live in a pretty temperate region of the country so its not like winter hits us too hard but its more than plenty for my tastes.

Fall does allow you to wear cute long sleeved shirts with shorts (one of my personal favorites) and it keeps you from always having the "sweaty look," some can pull it off but I am not one of those lucky few. My favorite thing about fall though is the gorgeous colors of all of the fall trees. I have a few plans to spiff up the place (well just the front porch) for the fall season as soon as those leaves really do start changing.

1. New wreath - Our pretty little green berry wreath has now faded to a nice neon green color. I mean that doesn't scream "I'm fake" or anything. I think its time to change over to a fall version and I'm stuck between these two options I've seen. Do I go with fall leaves (which I love) or with berries and twigs (don't let your mind go to the dark side ;)) or berries and leaves or maybe fall berries? (on a side note I believe I found a great option for next summer - see told you I can't get it off my mind)

2. New pillows - Tim will kill me for this one but hey, gotta make everything coordinate right? Have I mentioned how much I love the pillows from Restoration Hardware? The ones I got earlier this spring have held up fantastically and they still have some in stock for only $10.99. I already ordered 2 of these...

3. Update the dead as a doornail flowerboxes, yes they have gotten worse since I took these pictures: Death Penalty. I don't even know if its worth getting pots to place these into for next year or just count my losses and start anew next year. I think I want to put some fern type things in these but need to do some research to see if any could (if I don't kill them first that is) make it through winter outside. Otherwise I'm just going to remove them and have an empty rail until I decide what my next victims will be.

4. Update the table accessories - I love what we have but may make at least the little bird an indoor piece once our bookshelves are done. Regardless I want some more fall appropriate decor for the table.

Perhaps a lantern:

or two:

and a little Firepot:

or maybe a little pumpkin:

Personally, I think all of these little changes could add up to a pretty big effect on the look of our home.