Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Gobble Gobble 'Till You Wobble: Table Edition

This will be the 3rd year that my cousins and I cook Thanksgiving dinner. It started as just one of my cousins and I doing it as a Christmas gift for my grandmother and has evolved into an annual tradition with the majority of the remainder of my cousins and their spouses/significant others joining in. We usually have a nice big crowd of family, extended family and friends joining us for the dinner and use a mish-mosh of serving pieces, dinnerware and everything else. I have always had this crazy desire to have a long immaculately decorated table where the "perfect" dinner is served with everyone dressed to the nines. Granted that will never happen with my family as we just aren't a formal bunch but maybe one day when I'm hosting. Anyways, here are a few random thoughts on how I'd like it to go.

First order of business would be a tablecloth. I'd love to have a super-long rectangular table with a long burlap tablecloth lined with a similar color silk-like fabric (no need to get expensive, you're just going to drop food all over it).

Next would be place settings. First I'd like to start it out with a pretty copper charger. Add a Thanksgiving themed plate on top and some Turkey themed salad plates on top of that (not that we actually serve a salad at Thanksgiving - just extra room for sides). Next we need a napkin and a ring to put it in and some flatware (REALLY wishing they had this flatware when I registered by the way darnnit!).

After that I'd just need to do the tablescape. To be honest I'd probably swing by the grocery store to pick up flowers and use a cachepot I already have but would have to buy some additional ones of course. I think I'd also like to put a copper pot in the center with the biggest arrangement. I'd mix in some of these carved and woven pumpkins as well as some of these great little turkeys.

My final touch would be candles. From tall tapers to small votives and maybe even some chunky ones inbetween.

All we'd need is some excellent food and even better company to finish it off!