Friday, September 24, 2010

Oh, Yes He Did

In all of the celebration of Tim being cancer-free plus it being his birthday weekend he got, shall we say, a little loopy. His loopiness brought on a bout of instability causing him to run into to wall of the laundry room which provided a domino affect of knocking the ironing board down and breaking off a chunk of the molding on the door casing which I discovered the next day and luckily found the missing piece.

Tim being the not-so-handy-man just chuckled at it and left it to watch ESPN. I've tried coercing, threatening and even pleading but I keep getting the brush-off from him about getting this fix. So I decided to do it myself (he in return will be doing my laundry the next two times).

First I went out and bought some Elmer's wood glue. I don't know if its the best but it was pretty darn cheap and I remember my dad using it growing up so I went with it.

Next I put the piece back into place to see which way it needs to face, luckily it fit in there pretty well still.

Next I put down a towel and put glue on the piece (note to self: next time put the glue in the hole so you don't get it all over your fingers and have your finger stick to the piece).

I put the piece on the wall and held it for about a minute. As I was removing my hand I realized the piece was stuck to it when it came with it so I did the previous 2 steps again...awesome. Finally it was stuck up there.

You can still tell something happened but at least I don't have to worry about losing the piece now. We need to caulk it, sand it and repaint it but for now I'm just glad there isn't a gaping hole.