Monday, September 27, 2010

A Quick Fix

Finding the leash for the little pup isn't incredibly difficult but can be frustrating to dig through a pile of rags while having an anxious puppy ready to go for a walk hopping on you. We also had the need for a new storage space for her electric fence collar as previously it hung on the sink faucet (nightmares of it getting inadvertently soaked and short-circuiting danced in my head) so when I came across this handy-dandy solution for half-off at Hobby Lobby I couldn't resist.

As the title suggests this was a super quick fix and was done really easily in about 5 minutes. I had an empty space on the garage wall right as you enter/exit the house that would be a perfect fit.

I lined up the hooks where I wanted them and added in the first screw not really worrying about whether or not it was straight.

I lined up the piece so it looked straight and put in the second screw, voila! Done and another project checked off the list.