Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Its Spooky Out There!

So now that Fall is almost here that means that it is almost time for Halloween as well. Ok, technically a month and a half away but its heading in that direction! I'm not a huge Halloween person, I don't love getting dressed up in a costume. That may/may not have anything to do with my mom putting me in black garbage bags with a black pointy hat, painting my face green and calling me a witch as a child. (Their interpretation of snow boots was even better, just envision gallon-sized ziploc bags and duct-tape)

This is our first year in our new house and with there being kids in the neighborhood I'm really hoping we will get some trick-or-treaters this year. I'm thinking we are just going to carve pumpkins and call it a day this year so that money can be saved for Christmas ornaments and the like (oh just wait for that post - Tim usually gets bored/irritated halfway through the pumpkin carving and the results are classic).

I think this kit could be a HUGE help in the pumpking carving department. We always end up buying the cheapo carving kits that cost about $7 and are wrecked after a year so it actually would make sense to invest in a decent carving kit for once.

My other idea for carving this year is something I could swear I saw on a blog but perhaps it was in a magazine. I'm not really sure. Anyways they took a pumpkin, marked little dots on it for a pattern and cleaned it out. After drilling a big (about 1") hole in the bottom they got a drill bit about the size of a Christmas lightbulb (see where I'm taking this yet?) and drilled out each little marked up hole. they brought the string of lights (orange of course) through the 1" hole and put one light in each of the pattern holes. You end up with this ridiculously cool looking glowing pumpkin that I may have to try to do this year.

Eventually I want to get a spider web to cover the front porch and hang these bad boys in there.

I'd also like to get a few of these guys to be perched up on the rails and maybe above the door ready for "attack"

Tim has mentioned that he would like to dress as a scarecrow and surprise people. I mentioned to him that if he chose to do that to people then I hoped they gave him a similar reaction as this video you may have seen on America's Funniest Home Videos a few years back.

I thought about getting this guy but I'm getting goosebumps looking at it on the computer. I don't need it at the house too.

Of course we need to get a doormat to go with all of the other decor.

And my porch just isn't done unless there is a wreath on the door. Etsy seems the way to go with this task if I don't end up making it myself.

Finally as far as decor I want a strobe light. All of the scary houses had them. Other than that we just need a candy bucket and we are ready for our little ghosts and goblins and princesses and superheros to come for a visit!