Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Pains

First a disclaimer, that post title DOES NOT mean I'm in the least bit pregnant. Its amazing how many people have been asking when we are going to start having kids. Umm we've only been married about 5 months now.

For a lot of people Labor Day weekend means relaxation by the pool. We got some of that in as well as a little time on the lake but today was all about the house. It has now been cleaned from top to bottom, all of the laundry is done (and will soon be put away). Fresh groceries are in the fridge and meals are planned for the week.

On top of all of that we were able to pull weeds in the ENTIRE yard (the mulched part anyways) and we got one full side and the front mulched. I feel like a rockstar.

We're planning on heading to our alma mater's big game on Friday evening and will be back Saturday night. I'm thinking that we could possibly put out the rest of the mulch or start cleaning out the wooded area next Sunday. Tim doesn't know I have that idea just yet though :)