Friday, October 1, 2010

Meatless Mondays

So in order to save some money and to get a little healthier I suggested to Tim that we start doing "Meatless Mondays." He begrudgingly has acquiesced to my request and I started planning.

We've been working on changing our eating habits ever since Tim was diagnosed with colon cancer. Our diets that once consisted of frozen pizzas, chicken nuggets, Spaghetti Os (ok, that was me) and Easy Mac have been deleted. We rarely (if ever) get processed food anymore, Tim's oncologist told us to stick to the perimeter of the grocery store in order to avoid processed foods. We still have to get into the center aisles for some juices, sauces and even sometimes (ok, frequently) cookies & ice cream but for the most part have incorporated fresh fruits, vegetables and meats that we used to rarely ever use.

We also learned that there is a possibility of a link between red meat and colon cancer. That was quite the wake up call, between tacos, meatloaf and burgers plus roast beef sandwiches and the like we were eating red meat for an average of 4-5 meals a week. That is way more than the recommended 18oz per week. As with everything balance is key so we have already cut way back on that and are currently working on cutting back our consumption of meat in general.

I also figured out that we could save $30-$40 a month just buy avoiding buying meat for one day a week. Sold! I think we are going to start next Monday so I'll fill you in on how it goes.