Friday, October 15, 2010

Clean as a Whistle

I had just started looking into the "green" living aspect when our house was being built. I decided that one thing I could do to both help the environment as well as ourselves would be to stop using harsh chemicals. I mean why am I covering the things I'm using over and over each day with chemicals that have strict warnings about breathing them, having them touch my skin and what I should do if they get in my eyes. I heard about Method products and decided to try them out. These products are AWESOME. Everything is perfectly clean and with a really pleasant light clean smell. I think the best part is that I don't feel overloaded with many different types of cleaners. Here are all of my supplies (keeping in mind that I actually need to refill a few.

For cleaning utensils here is what we've got:

1. A Dyson Animal Ball Vacuum Cleaner -  This thing is great about picking up all of the dog hair and dust bunnies and will get in some pretty tight spaces

2. OXO Under Duster - I adore all OXO products. We originally had a duster mop from Method but the shaft on it snapped so we decided to try out something a little different. This thing is awesome and can be used as a duster or a mop and the shaft bends in the center to be able to go under even the tightest spaces.

3. The only other tool we use is a toilet bowl scrubber and nothing special just a Libman we picked up from Wally World.

Cleaning Products: here is a little insight to the actually products we do use. (all images from: Method)

1. Leather Love Wipes - These are awesome for our couches and for our car seats. They seem to condition and clean all seats better than anything else I've seen.

2. Bathroom Cleaners - Le Scrub, Lil' Bowl Blu & Tub N' Tile Bathroom Cleaner - Each of these has the same eucalyptus mint scent to them and does a fantastic job. I use the Lil' Bowl Blu for the inside of the toilet bowl and the Tub N' Tile for the outside as well as for the sides of the tub and shower and the sinks. I use the Le Scrub for the floors of the shower and tub as well as for getting the soap scum off of the glass door. Anything else that would work this well would not have such an amazing scent going with it.


 3. Kitchen Cleaners - Method is great in the fact that they have such an array of products for the whole house. We've found a lot of these are great in the kitchen. Namely being the Daily Granite, Steel for Real, Wood for Good, Best in Glass and their Dish Soap. All of these also have some great scents as well!

4. Floor Cleaners - I've found that the wood floor cleaner really polishes and conditions the floor and the tile cleaner is great even on our linoleum without leaving any sort of sticky build-up on it. Once again it has an awesome smell!

5. Laundry Cleaners - all of these have done a great job with cleaning, softening and de-staticing (is that even a word) all of our clothes. I can't sing the praises of Method cleaners enough!