Tuesday, October 12, 2010

These Aren't Your Mama's Brussels

Ok, so I've always been curious about brussels sprouts but never had the urge to try them. That was until I saw this post from my friend Ashley. They looked pretty awesome and I knew I'd had to try this out so I picked some up on my latest trip to the grocery store and got to work.

They actually smell like cabbage once they are cut. I picked off any funny/damaged looking outer leaves before cutting off the ends and cubing the sprouts. I did mine a little differently by pan frying rather than roasting in the oven but I'm sure that way would make them just as good if not a little better.

I put some Olive Oil in a frying pan and tossed the little suckers in. Make sure you are careful with this part, they start splattering hot oil as soon as they hit the pan. I let them sauté for a little while before I put some freshly ground salt and pepper on top and let them brown away.

I was going to take a picture of the final product after I took a little taste then realized I pretty much finished them off before I remembered the picture taking. They are amazing, fresh and oh-so-good. I'm now an official member of the Brussels Sprouts fan club. Thanks Ashley!