Friday, October 22, 2010


Ok so just in case you missed it that was supposed to be a play on "Festivities" and "Trees." Now that we have that out of the way check out the picture of these trees in my parents neighborhood. There is one yard in particular that always has some amazing fall colors, so bright and vibrant. I'm pretty jealous!

I'd love to add a lot of trees like this to our back yard so that every fall our yard is bright & beautiful. It might mean a little more work with getting all of the leaves picked up but I think it would totally be worth it.

Ginkgo Trees turn a gorgeous yellow but apparently can have a pretty foul smell as they produce their fall fruit.

Katsura Trees turn that bright gorgeous pinky-yellow color and apparently they give out a pleasant scent that reminds some of brown sugar and others claim to be spicy, sounds good to me either way!

Classic Maple trees turn that always classic bright orangey-red color or we can always get a Japanese Maple which turns the bright red in the fall.

I found a great site that lets you check out what trees work best in your area, seems pretty neat!