Monday, October 11, 2010

Just another Meatless Monday: Week Two

I and our friends John & Christy who joined us considered this week's Meatless Monday to be a success, Tim on the other hand was not so impressed. I went with a recipe from The Nest Magazine called Baked Portobello Parmigiana (image from here).

First I scraped the gills from the bottom of the mushroom just because Tim does not like mushrooms and I thought it would help to remove a little of the strong taste. I then mixed up about 2c of Panko bread crumbs with about 1/2c of grated parmesan. I also scrambled 2 eggs in a different bowl and put some flour in a 3rd. I dipped the caps into the eggs, then the flour and finally the panko and parmesan mixture.

I placed the breaded caps into a casserole dish and topped them with 2 large spoonfuls of marinara sauce and about 1/2c of shredded mozzarella. I baked them for about 20 min at 375 and served them with spaghetti. Everyone (with the exception of Tim) really seemed to enjoy their meal and I was excited to have a successful Meatless Monday!

Update: This also works with chicken.