Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Spark of Inspiration

Granted I get a lot of inspiration from reading blogs and things I've seen at other people's homes but I also subscribe to a few magazines.

Tim's grandparents gave me a subscription to Real Simple last Christmas and I love the ideas it has about decorating, organizing and the simple but delicious recipes it gives.

This Old House has some great ideas for rehabbing an old house not to mention being able to add some charm to ours. They are also very educational so you can learn how things work and the different parts and names for everything within a house.

House Beautiful has lots of really awesome stuff, and a lot of it is at a high price but I do pull some ideas from it that I think I could find less expensive options for.

The Nest is awesome because it really hits on topics that are affecting us as we adjust to the married life. It also has some great decorating tips and recipes as well.