Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Room for Improvement Down Below

Our kitchen is pretty efficient for the most part, well except that I don't really know the best way to organize it. I'm starting to figure out what really works for us and know there are a few places that could use some improvement on the bottom level.

The rough sketch above shows our kitchen's layout (the arrow is indicative of the two cabinet pieces linking together with a lazy susan inside).

Here are my plans:

1. These are 2 drawer front facades. I'd like to get the little kits that allow me to pull these out in order to store sponges, etc right below the sink.

2. I'd love for this skinny little cabinet to have a pull-out shelving system so I can store the non-stick sprays, spices and sauces that are currently taking up precious cabinet space. I know it would be by the sink rather than the stove but spices aren't supposed to get hot anyways and its not like its a long walk for us to reach the other side.

3. This giant cabinet holds our appliances because we would have zero counterspace to work on if we left these out all of the time. I need a more efficient way to get to them though so some pull-out heavy duty drawer inserts would be fabulous.

4 & 5. I need drawer organizers for these drawers and some pull-out drawers for the cabinets below to store my pots & pans more efficiently.

6. The drawer above this cabinet also needs some organization but mainly this is where my baking sheets go. I need some dividers to keep them from crashing down all of the time.

7. Once again the drawer needs some organization but I'm kind of at a loss as to what I need to do with the cabinet below. Right now it holds all of my serving pieces and in the future I hope that I will have a storage piece in the dining room but for now everything is just slammed in there for now. Oh well!