Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Shower Upgrade

This is a little "upgrade" I did awhile ago for us. When Tim is on chemo he can't get his injection site wet so having a handheld sprayer is a must but I'm not a huge fan of them, no particular reason why, I'm just not a fan...

We had some money leftover on a Bed, Bath & Beyond gift card where I found this little beauty. It was the perfect compromise for both his needs & my wants, the best part is how easy it was to install.

Here are all of the parts all laid out in their glory.

Here is the old leaky showerhead

First I removed it & saw the tape was good to go so I didn't have to wrap anymore which is great because I am terrible at that task.

I then screwed on the base portion

Next I screwed on the hose, then figured out I screwed it onto the wrong part so I unscrewed it & moved it to the correct position.

Finally I screwed both showerheads on & they were good to go!