Thursday, October 6, 2011


This is by far the worst meal I have ever created. I don't know what my problem was but I was completely off this night. 

Here it is in all of its glory, what's that your asking? What is that sauce? Well funny story...those are actually mashed potatoes. See where we're starting to go with this?

Everything started out normally, I just got a fry basket for our cookware & decided to use it. I quartered some red potatoes & started boiling them.

Once they were fork-tender I put them into the blender.

I added in some frozen garlic cubes. Trader Joe's sells them & they are fabulous.

I also added in salt, pepper, sour cream & milk (way too much milk) which left me with soup. I tried to thicken it up with cornstarch but that gave it more of the consistency of glue. The flavor was good but I couldn't get past the consistency.

Onto failure number 2. Next up, oversteamed green beans. Whenever I steam vegetables I always use this fabulous little silicone insert & typically have great results.

This time not so much, wilted & oversteamed vegetables are pretty disgusting & don't do a lot for you nutritionally as most of the nutrients have been cooked out.

Next up, a semi-success. Tim doesn't eat fish, he's convinced that he won't like it so I decided to work on changing his opinion. I spoke with the guys behind the counter at Whole Foods that suggested Dover Sole Fillets as they are a mild fish. 

I started out by mixing Panko crumbs with grated parmesan cheese, salt, pepper & paprika. 

I also mixed up 3 eggs with some milk added in salt & pepper again. 

I dipped the fillets into the egg mixture then covered them with the panko mixture followed by placing them into a hot cast iron skillet with some olive oil until they were nice & brown.

Throughout this entire post you may be asking yourself what is the burnt hockey puck looking thing on the plate? Well, that was the biggest failure of them all. There were extra panko crumbs which had become a bit like a dough with the egg mixture.

I had the brilliant idea of frying them up as well. I really can't tell you just how terrible they really were. Tim told me they were pretty good with ketchup but I have the feeling he may have been stretching the truth a bit.

So there you have it, my biggest failure in cooking thus far. I'm sure I'll have many more in the years to come but hopefully none will taste this bad again!