Monday, November 29, 2010

A Wrench Thrown Into Our Lives

So I know I've been kind of spotty over the last few weeks and I've decided to hang up the towel on this blogging thing for the time being.

You see today we found out my husband's cancer is back and has spread to his lungs. To say we've had the wind knocked out of us would be a major understatement. The next couple of weeks are going to entail more tests, doctors, specialists and still somehow trying to manage having a "normal" life and following all of that will be another round of chemo with who knows what after. As much as I love blogging it just takes up too much of my time and I'm becoming resentful of that considering I want to spend as much time as I possibly can right now with the love of my life. I may come back every once in awhile to use this as a release and a distraction from everything else in my life but right now I want to keep myself from starting to hate something that I currently enjoy so much.

I'll be back one of these days and until then please just keep my sweet Tim in your prayers. He can use all he can get right now, you can follow his progress here:

Thank you!