Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Sick Kid

I don't know if it was tailgating from 9 AM until 6PM (at least) on Saturday, the fact that the weather just went from summer to winter overnight or that I caught a bug but I have a cold. I'm terrible when I get sick, I whine, I complain and I become 6 years old again. I do not like feeling bad.

I'm also on a kick (that will most likely be over tonight) where I don't take medicine until its absolutely necessary. I'm trying to get my body to a point that it takes care of itself for the most part (so far its failing). So today I have been (miserably) toughing it out. I went to Starbucks today to get a nice little decaf black tea with some honey and lemon in it. I discovered they don't have decaf black tea and they don't have lemon but the nice little barista guy introduced me to a new tea flavor I'm a huge fan of now. Tazo Vanilla Reoibos, it has a warm light scent to it and is delicious but not too strong. Only thing that could've made it better was fresh squeezed lemon.

Ok, so now that you know I'm going to bed. Be back tomorrow!