Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Still Under the Weather

I feel bad for myself for feeling so awful but more-so I feel bad for Tim because I'm the worst sick kid ever. I whine, complain and essentially turn from a twenty-something year-old back to a six year old. I took my dad's advice last night and attempted to "sweat it out" by going to sleep with layers upon layers of blankets and clothing but so far no-go.

I do feel lucky that I decided to go on a soup-making binge on Sunday and made some homemade chicken noodle soup I had placed in the freezer. Tim sweetly heated it up for me and I was perfectly content to sit on the couch sipping away at it. Nothing beats a good homemade bowl of Chicken Noodle (sorry for the bad picture I sipped away all of the liquid before I shot it).

Here is my recipe:

I boil a whole chicken for about 30 minutes with just enough water to cover the top and flipping it about half of the way through. It doesn't really matter if the chicken is completely cooked at this point because you will continue cooking it for awhile longer. I pull out the chicken (save the water) and take all of the meat off the bones & put that to the side placing all of the remaining fat, skin & bones back into the pot I was cooking the chicken in previously and boil it for another 30 minutes.

During this time I go ahead and cut up my vegetables which are typically one large onion and two carrots. I saute them in Olive Oil or leftover bacon grease I keep in the fridge in a different stockpot. I add in salt and pepper and 1 can of corn with one can of green beans both drained (but you can add anything you like to this) and get everything heated back up. While its all getting warm together I strain the chicken stock into another bowl  and can usually save about a 1/3 of it for other uses while putting 2/3 of it into the soup. After that cooks for about 10 minutes I add in half a box of macaroni noodles and keep it cooking until they have all puffed up. I let the soup cool a bit before separating it into individual portions in sandwich bags and freezing.