Monday, August 8, 2011

Sunday Dinner, Part Uno

Ok, so technically its Monday, but here is what I made for dinner last night when Tim's brother, his wife & their 1 year old daughter came to dinner. We've planned out this week so that we can use leftovers for the lunch the next day and I'm really excited about my lunch today! Saturday included a big trip to Trader Joe's for the marjority of our food & Whole Foods for anything we couldn't find at Trader Joe's.

Tonight ended up actually being a combination of 2 meals we had planned for this week as we were asked to go to dinner at a friend's house on Wednesday. That actually worked out pretty well as I think we all would've been pretty hungry still had we just had the original meal I planned! The Bright boys know how to put down some food....

First up, Lemon Rosemary Roasted Chicken with Red Skinned Potatoes

First I washed the potatoes, super important step since you don't know who/what has touched them before you.

Next I chopped the potatoes, and half of an onion, drizzled about 2 tablespoons of olive oil and zested a lemon over them.
I chopped up about a tablespoon & a half of rosemary and mixed it all together

I placed it all in the bottom of my roasting pan & placed the rack on top.

Next I prepped the ingredients to stuff the chicken. I quartered the remaining half of the onion, halved 2 lemons & pulled out the rest of the pack of Rosemary I had purchased.

I stuffed as much of it as I could into the chicken (all but one lemon) and squeezed the remaining lemon onto the potatoes and the top of the chicken. (If this is your first time working with a whole chicken, please be sure to pull out the bag of giblets :) )

This was placed into a 475 degree oven for an hour and here is the final product! Just make sure to remove all of the insides before carving it.

The final potatoes & onions, delish!