Sunday, August 7, 2011

Recipe Box Shower Gift

So one of my oldest friends, Lauren, is getting married in about 2 months and the rest of the bridesmaids & I are throwing her a recipe shower at the end of the month. We're each getting a gift for her and since I'm doing the invitations (we're sending out recipe cards for people to fill out & bring to the shower) it was only fitting that I would get her a recipe box too. I think I'm pretty safe on posting this as I'm about 95% sure she doesn't read this blog. I've been searching for the past month and haven't found ANYTHING that I really like for her so I finally bought one that I was a fan of the shape but not as much of the look, which I can fix.

Its bamboo & kind of blah looking but when you flip up the lid it has a nice little ridge where you can put the card you are referencing while you cook.

I gave it a light sanding and went over with one coat of copper craft paint, it was the kind of paint that comes in the $0.50 tube at Hobby Lobby.

You could still see the wood grain so after it dried I added another coat of copper giving me the look I was going for.

I placed some stickers saying "LHK's Recipes" on the front to protect it from picking up the next color I planned to layer on top and lightly coated them with the copper color hoping to help prevent bleed of the paint.

I went over the top of everything with a very light sage green color. (the straight pins are placed in to keep the top from sticking to the rest of the box)

After that coat dried for a bit I added another coat to it so only light streaks of the copper were showing through and while it was still wet I started pulling off the letter stickers. (apologies for the terrible picture!)

After pulling off all of the stickers I found that I had a little bleed under the stickers so I let it finish drying.

Once everything dried up I touched up the parts where the green had bled into the copper. Here is the final piece, hope she likes it!