Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Where We've Been

So although the last few months have been filled with chemo, dr appts, work and lots of other not as thrilling things, we've also managed to pack in some really fun times as well.

We had a HUGE snowfall back in January that is the largest we've had in a very long time.

That turned into an ice skating rink on all of the roads that lasted for the next couple of days due to the state running out of salt...seriously (we don't have the manpower/equipment for snows like this down here!).

My office put together an incredible benefit for Tim at a local restaurant where the turnout was overwhelming to say the least.

Some girls on my team at work also put together a bake sale at the office on Valentine's Day. We've got some incredibly talented folks here who can also bake like nobody's business!

Some friends of ours also put together a golf tournament & dinner with a silent auction that was also overwhelmingly amazing (& SO much fun).

Tim & I went to Disney World & managed to get in all 4 parks in 2 days...

Threw a wedding shower with some friends for the soon-to-be Mrs. Adams

Our niece turned the big 0-1

Threw a baby shower for some sweet friends

Went to a wedding at Old Edwards Inn (LOVE that place & so glad we got to go back)

Unfortunately had to miss the future Mrs. Adams bachelorette bc of it but I mailed myself down to make sure I was a part of the festivities.

Had our annual Family Reunion where it rained so we all got to get nice & close...

My boyfriend also turned the big 0-1 this year

Got to see the hubs back in uniform for the annual Carolina Alumni vs. Blowfish game...he's a hottie!

Also found this hanging on the wall of the stadium from his coaching days

FINALLY ate the top of our wedding cake, it was still SO delicious

Went to the beach for a week with my family

One of Tim's best friends got married

Went to a shower for one of my best friends

The best part? We've still got SO much fun stuff coming up this year that I'm pretty excited about!