Monday, July 25, 2011

Clean Eating Begins!

So tonight we started (restarted?) our healthy eating. We technically only have to plan a full week's worth of meals every other week (due to Tim's chemo schedule) which will be a nice way to get started on this whole thing.

At the same time as learning how to eat & cook in a healthy manner, we are also trying to finish off some food that has been in our freezer (and that we've been avoiding for some time now). Lets just say its slightly complicated to get excited about our food right now...

So tonight we decided to finish off the Gyoza & some of the Organic Brown Rice (frozen), both from Trader Joe's. We also needed to finish up some eggs so we decided to do a little stir fry.

Started out by sauteing some carrots in a large fry pan (in some olive oil).

Next I added in some onions to brown up

Next up I added some butter because "that's what they do at Kanpai"

promise it just looks like more bc it melted...really (ok maybe I'm idol is Paula Deen)

Moving on...I added in some green beans from my parents garden, garlic powder, salt, pepper & ginger (i cheated & used the powdered kind)

After everything softened up I pushed the veggies to the side, added the eggs into the center & scrambled them up.

After everything was all mixed up I added in some fresh corn off the cob the frozen rice & a cup of chicken stock before covering up the pan and letting it all soak in for about five minutes.

Here is how it turned out

In the meantime we steamed the Gyoza

Here is the final product!

The rice is a little chewy (which we've discovered with this rice is always the case) but otherwise it was delicious and actually healthy. I can't say that we will be doing this again but we're starting to learn!