Monday, December 5, 2011

Laundry Room Update

It has been a LONG weekend thanks to our "buddies" over at Sears. First things first, in case you are just starting out with us, here is where our laundry room started and here is where we were last time with the planning.

We got the floors placed last week and painted & installed the quarter round. Also repainted the entire room & all of the trim because apparently painting over 2 year old paint is kind of obvious...basically the room looked fantastic, just needed the washer & dryer in place to get started on our next steps.

Then the fun began...Sears came about 4:30 on Friday and delivered our new washer & dryer. They looked fantastic!

Unfortunately they didn't tighten up the intake hose as much as they should've & as we pulled out our first load of laundry we heard the unmistakable sound of dripping water. I climbed over the tops & saw a giant puddle of water on our brand new floors just sitting there. We immediately called the Sears store we purchased them from who sent us to the customer service number. Long story short it was 3 the next afternoon before anyone actually showed up to fix it. I've never experienced such terrible customer service in my life. Each entity was trying to push off the responsibility to the other so now we will get to deal with their insurance adjusters & so on. Let me tell you just how excited I am about this...oh & on top of everything else, they got scuff marks & dings all over my freshly painted walls & trim after climbing all over the new washer & dryer to try to tighten the hoses. They also dinged up the top of the washer & dryer with all of the gymnastics...ugh.

 Water on the floor
 Water dripping down the washer
Look at the hose on the top right compared to the one on the bottom right, 
you can still see the threads on the Y joint.

Anyways, all is fixed (for now) and our next step will be installing crown molding this week as well as trying to see if we can trim down the old transition piece to reattach. I'm hoping to have the entire room completed by January, we'll see how it goes once we determine just how much is damaged! We really are counting our blessings that we discovered it that night rather than days or weeks later.

Check out my list below to see how far we've gotten, I will be so excited to get one room in this house completed after 2 years!
  1. Order new floors
  2. Get underlayment for floors
  3. Remove shoe molding
  4. Install new floors
  5. Get a pipe collar to cover where the new flooring meets the dryer vent. - canceled this, they don't make them...oh well!
  6. Install pipe collar - see above
  7. Get quarter round
  8. Paint quarter round
  9. Install quarter-round
  10. Touch up baseboards & quarter round  - I actually ended up painting all of the trim
  11. Remove existing shelf
  12. Touch up walls - We unexpectedly ended up painting all of the walls too, oops
  13. Touch up trim around doors (see here for the issue with it) 
  14. Trim transition piece
  15. Replace transition piece
  16. Get washer/dryer delivered
  17. Order rug
  18. Order new air register (ours was stark white & I found one in aged brass online for only $6)
  19. Place in new air register
  20. Get hooks for ironing board
  21. Install ironing board hooks
  22. Buy crown molding
  23. Paint crown molding
  24. Install crown molding
  25. Buy cabinet materials
  26. Buy new dog bowls (the ones she has now are a little gaudy for my taste)
  27. Build cabinets
  28. Paint cabinets & cabinet trim
  29. Install cabinets
  30. Install cabinet trim
  31. Install cabinet knobs
  32. Buy hanging bar
  33. Install hanging bar
  34. Replace light bulbs to be the swirly efficient kind (see why the peeps at Lowe's love me?)